What we stand for

We are proud to be an independent, non-profit organisation that catalyses thought-leadership with city players. We aspire to an ecosystem of sustainable, innovative and open services inspired by city needs.

  • We work with cities to understand their needs and help transfer knowledge from successful case-studies. We look for opportunities to join up demand from multiple cities, structure deals and drive investment.
  • We work with industry to understand the market, shape solutions that address the real needs and finally address the cities who ready.
  • We work with the European Commission to shape the European smart cities market. Since 2016, as part of a consortium involving PwC, MCI and UrbanDNA, we were awarded a three-year contract to manage the Smart Cities Market Place.

Connectivity Alliance is an AISBL (not-for-profit) headquartered in Brussels. The organisation was founded by Graham Colclough, Daniel Van Lerberghe and Derrick Pisani. Our organisation was born with the commitment we made to the European Commission back in 2014. Our ambitions have since gone beyond defining public service architecture to cause replicable projects. We are hard at work understanding the essence of what works in the many EU-funded projects, and continue to help to define models which can underpin replication in small and medium-sized cities.

Since 2014, we have participated in smart city initiatives with actors from industry, academia, and the public and third sectors. In particular:

  • The Humble Lampost – an open affordable component-based city lighting solution that enables other smart city initiatives; delivered collaboratively between cities & Industry to speed integrated valuable delivery.
  • The Urban Platforms open reference architecture for smart cities.

We are continuously looking for projects which are aligned with our values. If you would like to get in touch, please use the form below.