What We Do

The Connectivity Alliance came together to make a public commitment towards the European Innovation Partnership, for facilitating the development of guidance on a connectivity-architecture for smart cities.

Our objectives are clear, to:

  • Help change mind-sets, behaviours and habits to increase collaboration across all groups, in all forms, and at all levels
  • Provide the foundations of a more common understanding of language and meaning in relation to terms used like ‘urban platform’ and ‘city data’, as we increase communications between sectors, across cities in multiple geographies, and across service silos
  • Deliver greater levels of alignment and commonality; not ‘one-size-fits-all’ solutions, however certainly more focus on open architectures, interoperable solutions and processes, and common building blocks
  • Support a far swifter and better means to engage supply and demand in contracting for services
  • Support in particular the smaller cities and industry players that lack capacity

On an everyday basis, Connectivity Alliance is a platform for a professional approach to discussion. The approach is of a common discussion table with cross-stakeholder-involvement from the quadruple helix of Industry, Citizens, Governments and Academia.